3+ years and lots more to come. We have mastered this platform from adding our first navigation to building fully custom web solutions for million dollar brands. We absolutely love this platform and love what it is doing for the eCommerce space. Running your business has never been so easy from adding products to fulfilling your orders. Shopify can do it all!

We have over 3 years of combined experience and learn something new everyday. Shopify just hit 1 million merchants and it is still constantly growing.  They adapt to the ever changing world of eCommerce and love making lives easier for everyone.

What we do?

We do everything related to Shopify from centering that logo in your header to creating you a fully custom store. We know what are the dos and donts in eCommerce, what converts higher and what are the best apps to use. Contact us to see how we can help you with your Shopify store.

Giving brands an overhaul to make sure your customers see you invest back in your company is huge. Knowing you are always working for them and staying up to date with the times is crucial!

We love playing around with the code. From HTML, CSS, Javascript and Liquid. We know exactly what to do and where to do it. Custom solutions for all businesses. 

Everything starts with a plan! We make sure to to make things easier by breaking projects up into phases. Things get done more efficiently and most importantly nothing is missed or overlooked!

Responsive is huge in today's world! With everyone on their tablets, phones and etc. You want to make sure you stay up to date with the times. All websites should be mobile responsive!

  • Dotmagic Infotech, Shopify expert
  • Dotmagic Infotech, Shopify expert


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